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Welcome To Monarch Butterflies

We are dedicated to breeding live, healthy and beautiful butterflies. One of our goals is to bring back the monarch population due to the 95% decline. We may lose the monarch butterfly in our generation if we don't act now. By purchasing and releasing butterflies you are helping to repopulate these majestic creatures. We believe this is the best solution, as it educates and also raises awareness. Visit our online store today to order live butterflies and butterfly raising kits. Our production also includes hand made frames for framed butterflies and exotic moths from around the world. We also produce real butterfly jewellery from naturally expired butterflies and have a gift shop and accessories section for butterfly related items. We also carry milkweed plants and milkweed seeds for your gardens to attract butterflies. The milkweed is organic and completely chemical and pesticide free, to protect the life of these fragile creatures. We offer butterflies for special events, educational butterfly raising kits for schools and homes across Canada, as well as for scientific research on their migration patterns.  

Release Events


You can make any event more memorable by releasing butterflies. The serene atmosphere created by the fluttering majestic butterflies, gives that special touch you are looking for. These gentle creatures will brighten up your occasion with their graceful presence and beautiful colours. An unforgettable experience that will always be remembered. 

  • Corporate events
  • Anniversary

Butterflies are known for assortment of unique patterns and colours

We search and contact butterfly farmers and dealers worldwide to have the largest selection of exotic framed butterflies in Canada.

Butterfly raising kits make a great project that is both exciting and educational
The kit is designed to be used in the classroom or at home and provides you with everything you need to raise your own caterpillars into beautiful butterflies.

Less than 5% of monarch caterpillars grow to become butterflies 
With the dramatic declining of the monarch species the release of every butterfly helps bring back the population and restore balance to our ecosystem.

taking orders now for the 2022 season!

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