That special touch you have 

always looked for

Releasing butterflies at weddings, graduations, retirements, community events, fundraisers, memorials, anniversary and any other event you can imagine gives it that special touch you have always been looking for! We have special designed kits for schools, mass release boxes or even single release boxes to fit your needs. Keep your cameras ready because our monarchs love to hang around for the event!

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Milkweed is the only source of food for monarch caterpillars and we provide seeds so you can have your very own butterfly garden! All our seeds have been germinated and are ready to be planted. In a few short weeks your plants will be ready and a butterfly may lay her eggs on your milkweed. It is our responsibility to help these struggling creatures as only 5 out of 100 monarchs reach the butterfly stage in the wild. Their migration is a long and dangerous journey as the butterflies have many predators. We may lose the monarch butterfly in our life time if we don't act soon. Destroying milkweed fields for new urban development and spraying pesticides on crops is a major threat to butterflies. 

Children and adults can raise their very own butterflies with our butterfly raising kits. They will be able to watch the caterpillar go through its metamorphosis and then emerge as a butterfly. Once the caterpillar reaches its butterfly stage you can release them on a beautiful day. The monarch will instinctively begin migrating to Mexico. This is the longest migration of insects known to man, as well as the most dangerous. The population of these beautiful creatures has decreased dramatically by 90% due to many factors and we encourage their release to bring back their population. Each butterfly released makes a difference.

Monarch Butterflies™  That special touch that you have always looked for. May it be any occasion, the monarch butterfly is a unique gift and memory. It will provide a beautiful experience that everyone will love and remember. If you have not released a butterfly in your lifetime, you have yet to feel the joy, excitement and peace that it will bring.

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Monarch Butterflies™ has been established due to the rapidly declining monarch population. With the continuous environmental changes and the loss of natural habitats, this species migration may become endangered. Our objective is to educate the public of their fragile life cycle and to raise healthy, beautiful butterflies. We offer butterfly raising kits, butterflies for release, insect hatching/raising cages and so much more. Visit our online store to see all the exciting projects we offer which can be used in schools or homes to experience the life cycle of the majestic butterflies. Whether you are purchasing these butterflies for an event or educational purposes; the release of every butterfly helps bring back the population. Our promise is to provide you with the highest quality, hand raised and disease free butterflies.

“We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.” 

― LeeAnn Taylor

Our butterflies are hand raised in sanitary, solar powered greenhouses. Inside these greenhouses is an abundance of milkweed for the caterpillars, and nectar for butterflies. Milkweed is the monarch caterpillar's main source of food, as well as the host plant where monarch's lay their eggs. Visit our online store for free seeds and plant them to be part of the solution.