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       Plan ahead for the type of release you would like to have

Types of releases include:

(1) Using a display cage: There are many types of display cages available. The butterflies should be gently transferred from the shipping envelopes into the cage by opening the envelope and urging the butterfly to the sides of the cage. The cage should be able to accommodate the number of butterflies you have ordered. Once inside the display cage, the butterflies will need to be feed and watered. Please see below for those instructions. Place the butterflies in a warm, sunny area to energize. Never place them in the direct sunlight.

(2) Using a mass release box: The envelopes can be opened and the butterflies placed inside a release box. Be sure to put some paper toweling on the bottom of the box so the butterflies have something to hang onto. Hang one corner of the paper towel over the side of the box. Place a folded paper towel with nectar on it in the bottom of the box. Place another folded paper towel damp with water next to the nectar. Try to keep the lid of the box adjusted so the butterflies cannot take flight from your hand while you are opening the envelope. This can best be accomplished in a dark, cool room and having a large piece of tulle available to cover the box opening while you are transferring the butterflies from the shipping envelopes to the box. If the butterflies do take flight, they will head for the sun or brightest light. Gently cup your hand over the butterfly and place it in the box. When all butterflies have been placed inside the box, close the lid. You may wish to place the tulle netting over the box (under the lid) so the butterflies can be seen with little chance of their escaping. The butterflies will rest for many hours in this box. Prior to the release, place the box in an area of warmth for at least an hour. However, do not overheat, as there may be no ventilation in your release box. Never place the box in direct sunlight.

(3) Using individual release envelopes:
 If you are releasing from the shipping envelopes, place the envelopes in a basket and distribute them to your friends and family from the basket.

The envelopes are easily opened and if the butterflies are warm enough, they will take flight. If they have not been warmed sufficiently, the butterflies may take a while to actually begin their flights.

Feeding the Butterflies: 
If you transfer the butterflies from the envelopes they are in to a box or display cage, they will need to be fed. We recommend the following using Melon or Passion Fruit Gatorade. Simply pour some Gatorade on a few cotton balls in a shallow dish and place inside the box or display cage. The butterflies will find it. The butterflies will also need to be lightly misted with plain water. You can spray the water onto the sides of the cage or box or dampen a paper towel and lay it inside the container.

Creating a Butterfly Themed Event: 
There are many ways to carry a butterfly theme throughout your special occasion. Consider a butterfly release, butterfly themed decorations, favors, etc.

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Butterflies are a great addition to any celebration and event that you have planned. Below you will find instructions that will help you plan your butterfly release. If you have any further questions or concerns Contact Us and a butterfly expert will be glad to answer all of them.

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