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FAQ (butterfly release)

How far in advance should we place an order for butterflies for event releases?

The more notice we have the better! Generally we like one month of advance notice but we always welcome short notice orders. If available we are able to provide butterflies for event releases the following day. It is best to give us notice to ensure that you will have butterflies for release for your event.

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How much does it cost to ship butterflies for release?

Shipping rates vary per region. Please Contact Us and provide us

with your full address including postal code for a shipping quote.

The monarch’s migration begins in August. If they are released anytime after August they will begin their migration to Mexico.

Visit our Butterfly Release Instruction page to plan and read detailed instructions on how to release butterflies.

It is best to release butterflies in the morning, from April to October. Do not release butterflies when its windy, raining or at night or below 16 degrees celsius.

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Will my monarchs migrate to Mexico?

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What is the ideal time and temperature to release a butterflies?