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To be the leader for butterfly conservation efforts and to educate the public on the importance of the butterfly species for our ecosystem and their natural cycle of pollination.


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Monarch Butterflies Trademark has been established as a butterfly farm serving all of Canada. We strive to raise the healthiest butterflies for release to maintain a stable butterfly population. We also provide caterpillar rearing kits across Canada, so anyone can be a part of the solution to replenish the number of butterflies in the wild. There is a great need for conservation plans, to prevent this specie from continuing to decline and we are working alongside with the community for this cause.  In addition to breeding livestock, the company produces hand made custom frames for butterflies and exotic moths from around the world. Production also includes real butterfly jewellery made from the wings of butterflies who lived a full healthy life and have passed away due to natural causes. We grow our own organic milkweed and have a gift shop & accessories section for butterfly related items. We provide free organic milkweed seeds across Canada which is the only host plant and food source for monarchs.

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We are dedicated to build a long term relationship with our customers  and to provide exceptional 

customer services with our reliable services and passion for butterflies.

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To provide professional quality services that exceeds the expectations of our customers and to replenish the declining population of the monarch specie amongst other Canadian species.

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We believe in treating our customers with respect and appreciation. We grow through creativity, innovation, and support from the community around us. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


To be a leader in the butterfly farming industry by providing enhanced services, a trusting relationship and to provide education to the public. We do this being by keeping strong public relations.