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  • DIMENSIONS 13.5'' X 13.5" X 24"
  • high quality fine mesh
  • can be refolded for east storage

All our products make great gifts!

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  • live butterfly releases
  • caterpillar raising kits
  • Real Butterfly Jewellery
  • Framed butterflies
  • Framed Exotic Moths
  • Tropical Milkweed plants
  • And Much more
  • High quality clear stickers
  • butterfly sticker width 1.5"
  • Bright colours
  • 5 stickers per sheet
  • ​bright colours

Butterfly stickers

Permanent stickers featuring REAL butterfly species, this is what they look like in real life! These are printed on transparent material, so they look amazing on light colored surfaces. Put these on appliances, envelopes, notebook paper, birthday cards, posterboard, windows etc! 

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Butterfly Wishes Storybook

The story is filled with true facts about life cycles and the long journey to Mexico and back. The story line has a strong values component to it that teaches giving and caring for others.


Butterfly Tattoos

These temporary (aka fake) butterfly tattoos feature real butterfly species. This is what they look like in real life! Each sheet has 5 tattoos and measures and there are 16 different sheets featuring 80 unique tattoos. These are very high quality, with rich colors that will last for days. Kids love these!


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caterpillar Rearing Habitat 

A high quality net cage to keep your caterpillars safe from predators. It may also be used to raise your very own butterflies by purchasing them as caterpillars. Excellent for viewing the incredible metamorphosis of these incredible species.

  • Author: Frank Glew
  • Illustrator: Marna Twins
  • Genre: storybook
  • Theme(s): adaptations, cycles, insects, feelings


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  • high quality tattoos
  • apply and remove instructions
  • 5 tattoos per sheet
  • Butterfly Tattoo Width 2'' by 8''
  • bright colours​​