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“We were looking for an extra special touch on our wedding day. We thought we could not make the day any more special but a friend recommended Monarch Butterflies. We purchased single release monarchs for our guests and a mass release for the bride and the groom. It was so beautiful we had so many pictures taken with the butterflies. We even held them on our fingers and for some of our guests they were on their faces! It was an unforgettable moment and a highlight to the wedding. Our photographer said he never came across to anything like this before and was fascinated. All our guests had so many questions about your butterflies as they were so happy with what you are doing. They will be contacting you soon. Thank you for this special touch on our special day!” Looking forward to ordering more for our future events. 

Matt and Bonnie, Oakville, Ontario

“I purchased a butterfly rearing kit for my two children. They were all over it morning and night. My two boys would come running down every morning to see if the butterflies emerged. We got lucky enough to see them emerge and my kids were so happy! I myself loved it so much. Thank you for this amazing experience. It was really educational as my kids had tons of questions. Even my husband could not get his eyes of the kit”

Sabrina , Brantford, Ontario

“I was looking for a present to surprise my girlfriend. I wanted something unique and extra special for her. When she released the monarch butterfly her face lit up and she was so happy. She said it was so thoughtful and unique. Thank you for your amazing butterflies it turned out even better then I could of imagined.”

Peter, Richmond Hill , Ontario

“My family and I did a mass release after the funeral of my later grandfather. It was a really sad day but towards the end my family and I released monarch butterflies. It was really touching and very symbolic. We all watched the butterflies take flight and some remained nearby and it was a beautiful sight. Thank you for making such difficult day symbolic and a great way to remember my grandpa. We learned that monarchs are a struggling specie and the release of them helps bring back its population. Your monarchs were beautiful and healthy”

Jesse, Toronto, Ontario

“Everyone was smiling and it will always be unforgettable. We recently moved in to a new home and had a BBQ party. Towards the end we handed everyone butterflies which came in individual boxes for separate release. Almost everyone had their cameras out and were snapping photos and videos. It was the talk of the event. Thank you!”

Linden, Mississauga, Ontario

“I stumbled across your site while I was looking to surprise my wife for our 20th anniversary. Your butterflies were so incredible, you guys made the night extra special. My wife was so happy with your butterflies and the release! I would recommend Monarch Butterflies as a release to anyone, it was so much fun.”

Micheal and Sarah, Brampton, Ontario