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Asclepias welshii


Welsh's milkweed

Asclepias meadii

Mead's milkweed, native to midwestern United States

Asclepias nyctaginifolia

Mojave milkweed, native to the American southwest

Asclepias tuberosa

Butterfly weed, pleurisy root

Asclepias subverticillata

Horsetail milkweed

Asclepias uncialis​​

Wheel milkweed

Asclepias viridiflora

Green milkweed

Asclepias sullivantii

Sullivant's milkweed

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Asclepias purpurascens

Purple milkweed, native to eastern, southern, and midwestern United States

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Asclepias verticillata​

Whorled milkweed

Asclepias syriaca

Asclepias syriaca

Asclepias variegata

White milkweed

Asclepias quadrifolia

Four-leaved milkweed, native to eastern United States and Canada

Asclepias subulata

Rush milkweed, leafless milkweed, native to southwestern North America

Asclepias speciosa

Showy milkweed, native to western United States and Canada

Asclepias viridis

Green antelopehorn, spider milkweed

Asclepias solanoana

Serpentine milkweed, native to northern California